Eleven 11 Photography

Eleven 11 Photography



How Will We Pamper You?

01 We Take Your Wedding Worries Away

We start with service. Planning a wedding is an incredibly stressful time in your life, and our goal is to smooth your road to wedded bliss. We aren’t just your wedding photographer, we are your partner. We are there to answer questions, to assist with your timeline, and provide you general guidance. You’ve planned one wedding. We’ve been wedding photographers at 500+ weddings, many in Montgomery, Auburn and Columbus, Ga and we give you the benefit of that experience. Our commitment to service continues all the way through your experience because we deliver your wedding pictures in 14 days or less.

02 We Focus You On Enjoying Your Day

Our couples don’t want to be overly posed or bossed around. They want a photographer who leads the way but gives they room to to be who they are. Our process involves connecting to the REAL you. Because we’ve doing this for 20 years, we can get you away from being stuck in your own head. We can help you just be in your moment and love being in your wedding. This is what we do andwe can get you there without lots of fuss and bother. We help you achieve simple, remarkable beauty in a friendly, comfortable and natural way. We don’t make you something you aren’t, we capture your best you.

03 We Capture The Real + Raw Moments

We finish with all the real moments in between. That tear when he sees you for the first time. That “WE DID IT!!!” look you get during your first dance. Your dad and her dad embracing. The look on her face as she reads the love note you sent over with your appreciation gift. Cousin Renee’s wild interception of the “Wobble” which may have been helped by a couple of your signature cocktails. We capture all those moments and everything in between.