David Alderman Weddings

David Alderman Weddings



For David art and life have always been inextricably linked.  A passionate artist, he found his way to the camera lens unexpectedly.  As a graphic designer working in his studio, he reviewed some professional images given to him for print.  He was not impressed and stated bluntly, “I could do better”.  Challenged to do so, he bought his first professional camera and shot a few commercial stills.  The clients were astonished.  After shooting for a few more clients his work gained notoriety and he decided to seriously explore photography.  Soon his images found their way onto magazine covers, billboards and more.  David attributes some of his early success to an understanding of graphic design but isn’t too humble to admit that he “just sees things differently and photographs what he sees”.  A big believer in living in the moment and the power of connections, his photos reflect this. With a designer's eye, he cultivates connection and looks for ideal moments to capture each story.