Chrissy Gilmartin Photography

Chrissy Gilmartin Photography


Wedding photography for humans in love - WORLDWIDE

Sooo… Let’s just be honest, shall we? Do you really want to look back at the BEST day of your life only to see the super posed, super boring, and super “meh” photos of you and Aunt Betty saying “Cheese”…

No? Thank God! Because that is NOT my jam…

Your day will be crazy… It will be filled with too much drinking, too much laughing, and way too many bad dance moves… So why not capture that? The ugly cries, the snorting laughter, the heart wrenching tears.


YOU: That crazy IN LOVE couple that everyone secretly wishes they were…The ones who can’t keep their hands off each other! You’re in love…and frankly you just don’t give a damn who knows it! You’re both pretty laid back, no fuss, but you definitely know how to rock a party…And when it comes to YOUR day – you’re in to win it and you’re NOT looking to stand around, spending countless precious hours taking the typical BORING wedding photos! NOPE…You’re unique, FUN, and ready to party!

Me: Your super BLONDE, over caffeinated, tattoo loving photographer! I’m on the prowl and seeking the REAL DEAL… Give it to me! Mom and Dad getting a little tipsy and grinding on the dance floor…YESSSS PLEASE!!! My job is simple: I am here for YOU… To search and rescue all of those “oh so real”, unforgettable moments that will seriously be gone in like ten seconds. And if this means that I need to get “jiggy” with it on the dance floor with Uncle Bob to get it, count me in – I’ll take one for the team!