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Agustina Leske Photography



Hi! This is ME!

My name is Agustina and I live in Connecticut with Ryan (my hubby), Nina, Coco and Yuna (my cats)  but I serve the whole country. Yes, I spend all my money traveling and buying cat food. 

I really appreciate you coming to my site :)  When I'm not working with amazing clients I love spending time hiking, camping, watching Game of Thrones for the 5th time and discovering new places to eat.

Trivia nights, giant jenga, discovering new craft beers with Ry and playing pool and bowling with friends are things that I really enjoy doing. I also walk my cats. Yup, with a leash. 

I've started shooting weddings about 7 years ago in Argentina (this is why I have an accent) and I fell in love with it. I'm kinda the crazy friend carrying a camera. I love capturing every single detail of your wedding. One day a bride asked me if my face ever hurts from smiling. No, it doesn't. I jump and climb to make sure your pictures are gonna be perfect. My style is romantic, journalistic and relaxed all at the same time. 

Why do I love being a photographer? Because I truly believe that pictures are what makes us stay frozen in time. The moments are gone, but the memories stay forever, and capturing those memories and being able to live those moments again and again is magical, isn't it?  That's why I promise to try my best to give you incredible results so your photos have the quality that  the best moments of your life deserve.