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We're Will and Ilaria, the creatives behind the camera at 4Karma. Together we make a great team and would love to meet with you and capture your moment! WEDDINGS are our LOVE and put our heart and soul into every wedding we’re lucky enough to photograph.

Will & Ilaria's photography style is all about moments and emotions, all about the client’s personality and human relationships.Ilaria started learning and loving photography and film arts since childhood and has never stopped her passion for creating. Originally from Rome, Italy, she has a Masters' degree in Cinema Studies and has worked professionally on world-class documentaries, commercials, tv-series, music videos, and feature films. Recently after relocating to the US she has been capturing wedding stories with her husband Will, and traveling all over the country for the last six years. Working together they both bring the passion of their marriage to every project.

Will has been a lover of photography and videography for most of his life and since partnering with his wife Ilaria over 6 years ago has been traveling the country capturing places and moments together with her and creating new stories along the way.

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