Dog of Honor Event Specialists

Dog of Honor Event Specialists


Hot diggity dog, you’re getting married! As you plan your special day you undoubtedly want all your loved ones present, including your most faithful companion, your best pup.  
Dog of Honor provides wedding day pet care to ensure your dog is well cared for on your wedding day before, during, and after the ceremony. 
  • Dressed to impress - We provide the coordinated leash, color, and wedding attire fitting their honored role. 

  • Camera ready- Before your dog says “I do too!” we’ll make sure it looks its best for the ceremony and assist your photographer in capturing paw-some pics. 

  • Dog-ify your wedding - It’s ok to be a little *extra* when it comes to your dog. Why not feature your dog in your signature cocktail, offer dog treat favors, or let them eat cake with a special wedding cake baked just for them? The options are endless. We’ll work with you to explore fun ideas

  • After the last dance - Are you jetting off to your honeymoon after the wedding? We’ll chauffeur your pup to a trusted provider after the wedding.