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Congratulations to all married and engaged couples! As an award-winning digital artist having exhibited my work internationally, I  came across a Bulgarian tradition about their ritual to clear the path of evil spirits for a prosperous harvest, while wearing very cute hand-made wool costumes. In addition to creating a series of dihital artworks, I hired a master jeweler in business for 70 years in Concord, NC, to fabricate this one-of-a-kind Silver and Blue Diamond pendant. I call it an amulet because in a spiritual way it reminds me of being protected. I believe this amulet would be a beautiful gift for a bride, providing an elegant connection to the protected love of her partner, and to the highest spiritual universe of Infinite Love and Gratitude. Certificate of Authenticity is also available. Ships only to the Contiguous USA with FREE, insured shipping.

"In a world of division, lack of equity and distrust, art is the great leveler and salve that can present a thought in a beautiful, comforting and prolific way…" Raney Rogers, Neuse News, Nov 2023

5 x 5" digital prints from the Herritage Street Project series coming soon. Shown are "Condiments", "Family Grazing", and "Dandyline Tryptich".

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