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St. Francis Community of Faith for All People & Weddings By Ken


St. Francis Community of Faith for All People, " A Sanctuary for Spirituality" a alternative non Roman Catholic community affiliated with the Progressive Catholic Church. We are open to all people of faith. Weddings are performed in either a traditional or non-traditional religious service. All weddings are designed by the couple. We welcome all couples free to marry and provide a pre-ceremony meeting so we can get to know you and design your ceremony to your satisfaction.

Commitment ceremonies for those who are unable to have a marriage ceremony are also provided.

All ceremonies are customized to meet the couples needs.

If you are interested please contact me at 631 416 4308. You can also visit the website at or

Remember " No Judgement. Just Loving Ceremonies"

I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Rev. Ken

All sacred life moments such as baptism, celebrations of death be it a loved one who was a pet or relative. Celebrations for sweet 15 and 16. All special occasions that a person would like a prayerful experience and service.
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