Have Lover, Will Travel

Have Lover, Will Travel



I'm Liz, the voice behind Have Lover Will Travel, a wedding officiant and honeymoon planning business based in Brooklyn. I specialize in intimate affairs and building a story that makes your ceremony unique and memorable. My ceremonies have a cinematic quality. I take your guests through your unique story, from your first interaction, the first date, the moment you knew it was love; the simple moments you share together and the adventures you’ve had traveling the world, up to the moment of the proposal. My words will paint a story of the two of you and the life you’ve built together. I am passionate about sharing your family history, so that your families feel involved and excited about the union that is being created on that day.

As a Certified Travel Advisor, I specialize in creating bespoke honeymoons for the wildly in love. Let me help you find the perfect place to leave your footprints and that lets your romance fall delicately into place. The ring may symbolize the promise of a lifetime of love together, but your passport will be the booklet where your memories are made. I’ll work with you to plan a trip that reflects your love. 

At HLWT, we believe that the world was created for LOVERS to explore hand in hand marveling at its BEAUTY. You've found that love. Let us pull the rest of the PIECES together.

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