Alicia's Wedding Ceremonies

Alicia's Wedding Ceremonies


I am Alicia Baxter-Fontenot. I became an ordained minister in October 2009 and I have been officiating Wedding Ceremonies for over 6 years. I’m experienced as I started officiating at a reception hall where I would perform from 1 to 7 Wedding Ceremonies in a weekend (whew!) . After 3 years I started my own business, Alicia’s Wedding Ceremonies.  I have been fortunate to stay busy officiating weddings nearly every weekend and even sometimes during the weekdays. I have always known just how important helping a couple to take their vows can be and must admit those first few years made me both excited and sometimes a bit nervous but I always loved doing it. I quickly realized how much I enjoyed helping couples wed and would like to help be a very special part of YOUR special day!!!!

I’ve been with the bridal industry for some time now, helping the bridal parties in various ways and I wouldn’t trade it for the world!

We offer many other services within the wedding industry in order to help make the planning as stress free as possible. Call us today schedule your appointment!!