Wedding Dance Vows

Wedding Dance Vows



Welcome to Wedding Dance Vows! I’m Kalli and I’m here to help you make your first dance a moment to remember. 
I’m an experienced dance instructor and choreographer and I have been teaching couples for their weddings since 2006. I specialize in partner dances like Salsa on 2, Standard and Latin ballroom styles and in choreographies with elements of Street dance styles, Jazz and Contemporary.
I’m here to streamline the whole dance process to be exactly what you need. You have enough on your plate already with planning the rest of your wedding. So, let me work with you to sort this one out. My goal is to give you all the confidence you need to create a lifelong memory that both you and your guests will remember forever.
Located in New York City, any and all levels are welcome! We will build on any dance experience you may already have or start from scratch. If you can walk, I’ll get you dancing…