The Everyday People Band

The Everyday People Band


UPDATE: 4-25-2017: We're looking for a few couples getting married in the next few months who still need entertainment. We're offering a discount in exchange for allowing us to record video of our performance for our new promo package. Email us directly through Lee@TheEverydayPeopleBand.com

The Everyday People Band (TEPB) is show band based in Cincinnati, Ohio. The group can vary in size from 7-13 members depending on the event. We are comprised of 3 dedicated lead vocalists (1 male and 2 female), guitar, keyboards, bass, drums, backup singers, and a dynamic horn section covering tenor saxophone, alto saxophone, trumpet, flugelhorn, and trombone. Collectively, the members in the band have over 3,000 shows under our belts and over 300 years of music study and performance experience.

When hiring a band for your event, consider this: “Do you want just background music or do you want entertainment?” The Everyday People Band is the latter, delivering an engaging and memorable event. TEPB delivers an energetic live dance band experience. The Everyday People Band specializes in serious fun and entertainment for wedding receptions, private parties and corporate functions. The group has carefully honed its repertoire to include Motown, R&B, neo-soul, 70s & 80s Funk, Blue-eyed soul, and a little disco. We constantly update our song selections to include today’s Top 40 hits.

Our repertoire is built to provide our audiences and clients a different musical experience. Our clients appreciate our song selection as it gives them an evening carefully selected songs, rather than hearing the same 30+ songs being played by a typical cover band. Corporate event and wedding planners enjoy this approach as well, which provides their clients an event to remember, rather than "just getting a band."

With a huge variety of live music available, TEPB can work with you to create an event that will entertain your guests, get and keep them engaged and dancing, and thanking you for including them in such a great event.

Let The Everyday People Band take your vision to a new level with their energy, talent and impact. We're adding more dates and events so contact us for your upcoming event, sign up for our mailing list, and come out to one of our upcoming shows!