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Ecuadorian singer, born in Quito. His musical studies include piano, guitar and voice. At age 14 received a full scholarship at the prestigious conservatory Sergei Rachmaninov in Ecuador to study opera singing and popular.

Since 2006 he has been part of diverse groups like Vox Lumini (Rock Pop) and Clone (Vocal Group). He also participated in other independent projects as Satellite (Dave Matthews Tribute Band), Solovox, IMC Big Band and the Salsa Orchestra of the Universidad San Francisco de Quito. He has received vocal lessons with renowned singers like Cathy Elliot, Joey Blake, Gabrielle Goodman, Katie Thiroux, Alison Wedding and Elisa Andrade.

The musical career of Francisco Ruiz has some international landmarks as having participated in concerts with Luis Enrique, Marcos Valle, Maria Mulata, La Timbística, Ivan Lins, Frankie Negron, Cathy Elliott (NY) and with vocal genious: Bobby McFerrin. Important features appearances alongside the Ecuadorians Joanne Vance, Carlos Grijalva, Javier Lopez,Alex Alvear, Mariela Condo, among others.