LK Event srl

LK Event srl


The organization of a wedding involves a large number of aspects which have to be impeccable and planned with great attention to even the smallest details, in order to create and experience that will live long in the memory of all the guests. LK EVENT is born as a response to an increasingly demanding and attentive customers, looking for an event that is the most accurate, detailed and surprising. LK EVENT comes from RMS Audio’s thirty years of experience in planning and setting up large events, together with the need to dedicate a specific company branch to the growing wedding sector. 
Over the years LK EVENT has established an extensive network of contacts, working with the most important Italian and international wedding planning agencies and collaborating with world-famous flowers stylist and artists in very unique and exclusive locations. The passion, the experience gained and the strong technical background acquired allow the LK EVENT’s team to face any type of event with the utmost professionalism and reliability, using innovative and cutting-edge equipment and technologies. Every small or large set-up is carefully studied and structured thanks to the skillful work of our specialized technicians. The people, the creation of once-in-a-lifetime events, the pursuit of unique effects, the quality of the work, as well as the final satisfaction of the customer are the missions of LK EVENT. LIGHTING The lighting at weddings plays an important role. It can break or set the mood of the guests in a major way. Providing a dedicated lighting services, we create unique atmospheres, highlighting the distinctive features and the importance of the chosen location. Among our services we offer: 
Architectural uplighting with battery spot led, string lights and fairy lights, moving heads, laser and multicolor effects, chandeliers rentals and hanging system, video projection and mapping. SOUND We take care of the backline rental for your event, supplying PA, instruments, floor and ear monitoring system for your musicians, Thanks to our team of Sound Engineers we provide a continuous technical assistance. STRUCTURES/SCENOGRAPHY  We set-up stages, modular platforms and dance floors for either indoor and outdoor ambiences. Planning every detail, we take care of the design and all the connected logistics, from the transport to the installation and takedown. Our structures are fully customizable: according with the customer’s requests, we personalize shapes, sizes, materials and colors. All the structures comply with current safety standards. SPECIAL SERVICES We also provide special services, including cold fireworks, CO2 geysers and smoke machines for the cake cutting and the first dance outdoors. Among our services we also offer the possibility to rent silent disco systems. By managing the event in all its details we give space to every client’s ideas. In order to do this we guarantee an on-site technical assistance, together with event management and logistics services. DESIGN Thanks to our design team, we create 3D projects and renderings mock up the location spaces and the arrangement of furniture, decorations, materials and all the technical (lighting and sound) equipment, scheduling the best logistic organization along with the customer. We take care of all the services connected with our supply: inspections, transport, installations, full-time technical assistance and dismantling at the end of the event.

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