Posy Fine Jewellery

Posy Fine Jewellery



The Meaning is the Value

The origin of our company name comes from the tradition of posy rings. From the late middle ages through to the Victorian era posy rings were popular expressions of love and friendship. The word "posy" comes from the French "poesie" or poem. This is because posy (also spelled poesy, posie or posey) rings had inspirational messages of love or friendship engraved within them.We chose the posy ring as the inspiration for our name because of how the posy ring represented the personal and symbolic connection between two people. Jewellery has a very personal connection to the individual and between indiviudals. This is what we are referring to when we say the meaning is the value. 

We know that this is how most people feel about their jewellery too. We know that jewellery is more than just minerals and ore. It is imbued with deep beauty because of its meaning.