Jane A Gordon Jewelry

Jane A Gordon Jewelry


Jane A Gordon jewelry:   Worn for beauty, cherished for layers of discovery.
The soul of my work is sculptural jewelry filled with symbolism of joy, success, leadership and oneness, to support the wearer in self, and inspiring those in her life.  

Other designs are inspired by this astonishing world, either the earth's magnificent materials, or nature’s beauty.

Custom designs incorporate your aesthetic and messages, bringing your vision to life, and always deliver more than you had imagined.  Much of my work in interchangeable in many ways.   Let's create jewelry that works perfectly for your wedding day, and which you can use throughout your life as situations and style changes. 

My philosophy in life and art: we make a quantum leap to a better world by igniting joy, success, leadership and oneness, one person at a time.  Let's get to work, and make that person you.

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Michael Mills
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Jane Gordon Jewelry is very custom, artisan, high end jewelry with impact. Jane takes special care with each piece that make great brides made gifts, as well as statement pieces in a variety of gold and sterling silver options.

Oct 17, 2017