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B2C Jewels in a New York-based online jewelry store and our mission is to make affordable, certified and conflict-free diamonds accessible to everyone! We truly believe beautiful diamonds can be affordable and you can save up to hundreds of dollars when you choose us. Our virtual inventory has thousands of diamonds priced at up to 50% less than the diamonds you would find at chain jewelers and local retailers. To ensure customer satisfaction, we offer a 30-day returns policy, price match guarantee and a lifetime upgrade option. The diamonds and jewelry are shipped free to you and we have a one year warranty on them. 

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Joseph Tang
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I regret the moment when I came on the B2C Jewels website through Diamond review website. I was getting a very good deal on the diamond with the signup discount. I was so happy initially for the ring that I had ordered with B2C. I had requested for the GIA inscription to be visible while mounting the diamond on the ring. On 2nd Jan I was informed that it would take 5-7 business days. And then the fooling process started.There was no email sent to me while I waited for the status. I had a chat with them on 11th Jan & I was informed that the jewelry team is still working on my ring. I was under the impression that a very elegant & beautiful ring is being made and hence it was delayed. I patiently waited to hear from them.On 14th Jan, I again had a chat with them to check the status and this time I was promised that the ring would definitley be shipped by 16th Jan. I kept consoling myself for the delay thinking that the quality of the diamond ring would make me forget the botherations. This was my biggest mistake here.Once again, false promises kept me high till 18th Jan. I once again had a chat with the team & I was informed that the ring is still with the production and someone would get back to me with the status. When i expressed my disatisfaction, I was only treated with Apologies... What surprised me is that there was nobody to take an ownership of $11K ring. I then received an email stating that the ring did not pass the quality check. What was this Quality check all about and why was this not seen or checked while the ring was in production? There was prongs issue and the diamond did not sit right. I understand that something like this can happen but why this cannot be seen while the final shape is being given to the ring. i had my doubts and I asked for the images to be sent to me before shipping the ring. It was already over 20 days and I was still waiting for the pictures of the ring. My entire proposal was disturbed and this was very frustrating to me. I wish someone out there could understnd how it feels when a proposal keeps getting delayed. B2C shared images with me and guess what, my condition of GIA inscription was not met. Also, the prongs were uneven. I was forced to think was I shopping with a Jewelry company ? I was at their mercy and this was awful. It felt miserable. This was not the end. Then comes Mr. Patrick ( who is supposedly a Manager, which I genuinely doubt ) who is never available on his seat. I was actually expecting Mr. Patrick to take control of my order and relieve me of the hurdles. Mr Patrick infact added more to my agony and the worst customer experience that I ever had. Once again I was informed that the repairing work is done and the pictures of the ring were shared with me. I was so aggravated to see that the prongs were still not aligned and were uneven. B2C is supposed to be in the jewelry business for over a decade and this is what I was told and they cannot even have a decent ring ready in 25 days? I was concerned about the money I paid them. Don't believe this Fraudulent & Dummy Manager Mr Patrick. He doesn't even speak properly.Don't trust them and their words for the product / services. B2C will only give you pains and worries and of course missed proposal schedules. NEVER EVER BUY FROM B2C JEWELS.

May 09, 2019