AZEERA’s traditions of first-rate customer service and distinctive jewelry design are reflections of their founders’ values. Rohan and Puneet Agrawal were both born into families with long traditions of crafting gemstones. While their great grandfathers were born in India in a time when sons took up the profession of their fathers, the AZEERA owners have taken up the vocation by choice, and that passion is reflected in the way they run their business like a corner jewelry store of an earlier time.

At AZEERA, they have married the traditions of Indian gem-crafting with a forward-looking Western business model that insists on only using conflict-free gems and that puts the clients first. Our pieces are created in New York using the finest conflict-free gems that have been found and handcrafted by their staff in Jaipur, India. Relying on the connections and a deep knowledge passed down by their families, the two have grown their company from the ground up.