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Journey Down The Aisle - Journeys Travel


At Journey Down the Aisle, the romance division of Journeys Travel Inc., our romance travel consultant, Jeni, will help you with every step of your Journey!  We offer several services including:

  • Honeymoon Planning
  • Room blocks for local weddings
  • Destination Weddings around the world
  • Destination Wedding Planning

Jeni will begin with a consultation so she can find you the best options that fit within your budget.  She understands that you may or may not have a lot of experience traveling, pricing, etc and that's ok, because she does!  You probably don't have a lot of experience planning a wedding either so don't get sucked into endless hours of online searching - she even gives you a checklist to follow! 

She has a knack for finding you the perfect destination for you and your guests while keeping your budget in mind.  Her years of experience and frequent travels works to your advantage as she has developed personal relationships with the staff, local drivers, and tour guides ensuring that every detail is handled for you. 

No one should be stressed planning their wedding or starting the first days of married life - let Jeni take that part away.  She will handle all details of your travel plans ensuring you have no questions prior to travel.  

There are other benefits to working with a Destination Wedding & Honeymoon Specialist.  We offer:

  • We handle all details and questions - from Passports to Transfers
  • Payment plans for you and your guests
  • Electronic itinerary with app.  This allows for all details of your trip and events at their fingertips.  It also has in-app communications to reach out to us. 
  • Honeymoon Registry
  • Wedding Website
  • Save the Date Video
  • Online booking platform for the ease of your guests
  • Onsite services
  • 24/7 customer service during your travel dates

If you're ready to see what makes Journeys different, schedule a time with Jeni today!  

~ It's not the destination, it's the Journey! ~