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Aventina Romance Travel & Events


We specialize in unique and destination weddings in the USA and overseas.  Because Amy, our Chief Romance Officer is both a wedding planner and a travel agent, this enables us to handle whatever aspects of your local or destination wedding that you would like.  The travel part is something that many couples don't think about, but can be the most complicated, especially dealing with all the guests' travel needs. Plus, we can help you plan an awesome honeymoon too!

We also plan honeymoons, romantic escapes, bachelor trips and girlfriend getaways!

Whether you're interested in a secluded beach hideaway,
a bustling cosmopolitan city, or anything in between,
we will help you find the perfect place - and plan your dream romantic escape!


Best Event Planner in NYC - NYC Big Apple Award (2011)

Best Event Planner in NJ - NJ Gala Award (2011, 2013

Best Event Planner Internationally - International Special Events Society (2011)

Best Weddng Decor - SYTTB (2013)

Best Event Collaboration - NJ Gala Award (2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017)

6 Reviews for Amy Vecchione

Amy Vecchione of Aventina Travel and Events is beyond fantastic. She is friendly, calm, competent, and works to make sure your events meet the bride’s (and groom) vision. She takes a concept and works with it until it is perfect. We hired Amy to be our wedding planner/travel consultant for our wedding at The Hard Rock Punta Cana (DR) on September 29, 2018. There were so many different parts going into planning our (absolutely AMAZING) destination wedding, that I could not imagine getting it all done with Amy. Amy helped us secure our room block at the hotel and rooms for our guests. She did all our travel arrangements and was a phone call away for our guests with any questions/concerns about the events and the travel going into our wedding. She went above and beyond for us and we are so appreciative of her. We received a room upgrade upon arrival, all our guests’ arrivals went smoothly, and any accommodations were taken care of. This process was stress free and I was able to enjoy every minute of my wedding and honeymoon week all because of Amy’s hard work and dedication to making my visions come true. Amy was phenomenal and there is no better person to have by your side during this special time!

Oct 19, 2018
Cara Seidner

Using Amy from Aventina Travel & Events to help us plan our dream honeymoon was one of the best decisions I have ever made. She took all the stress out of planning a honeymoon and we were left with all the fun parts of making decisions on where we wanted to go and what we wanted to do. After our first conversation with Amy she presented us with the most fantastic honeymoon ideas and her presentation of each was amazing. She was very respectful of our budget and because of her we were able to go on the honeymoon of a lifetime to Dubai and the Maldives. I highly recommend using Amy to help plan your next vacation and we look forward to working with her again to help us plan our next adventure!

Oct 06, 2017
Elise Brennan

Amy was fantastic! She stayed in great contact with us through the whole process even while we were there she would send us emails checking in on us. She remembers little details about us that we spoke about at our first meeting and sent items to us with our ticket package that contains some of these items. We will definitely use her again the next time we plan a big vacation

Nov 30, 2016

Amy was very helpful and quick to respond via phone or email

Sep 12, 2016
Leila Heckman

Amy Vecchione of Aventina Romance Travel and Events is in a class by herself. She has lifted wedding planning into a new professional level. She is level headed, calm, competent, and works to make sure the event meets the bride and groom’s vision. She takes a concept and works with it until it is perfect.
We hired Amy to be the wedding planner for my daughter’s wedding. There were a lot of moving parts to the wedding. My daughter had just moved to California but the wedding was in the Hudson Valley in New York State. The rehearsal dinner was a big hoe down sponsored by my daughter’s future in-laws and the brunch after the wedding was being hosted by friend of the groom’s family from California. So there were a lot of different events as well as personalities involved. In addition, the space where the wedding was going to take place had “good bones” but needed to be made beautiful but in keeping with the rustic setting and my daughter’s desire not to have a sterile “New York City” hotel wedding. Amy coordinated all the moving parts of the three events flawlessly. The wedding space was transformed into a beautiful space with a rustic, informal, fun atmosphere which was what my daughter wanted. She kept all the different people involved happy and calm. All the services for the wedding came within budget. I would obviously highly recommend Amy Vecchione of Aventina Romance Travel and Events

Sep 05, 2016
Angela Petito

Let's just say that without Amy my wedding would have not been a success. We tied the knot in Riviera Maya Mexico in August 2015. She helped us with securing the hotel and rooms for my guests and myself, planning of the ceremony and reception, and all of the travel arrangements. She went above and beyond for us. We were able to get special accommodations, upgrades on rooms, and even my special dietary needs were met. The only thing I would do different is have her their with us for the day of. It would have made things run smoother. I had such minimal stress and was really able to enjoy the vacation part of our trip. Everyone was so happy. You will not regret having Amy at your side.

Aug 25, 2016
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