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Band & Vow


We started Band & Vow with one thing in mind, to disrupt the overpriced and outdated men's wedding ring industry. Empowered by a sense of purpose to guarantee that no other man go through what I went through after getting engaged. I walked into a local jewelry store to look for a ring that wasn't some style from 1952 or a piece of metal strangling my ring finger. Instead of finding the perfect ring to express my style, I only found 1952 pieces of metal that would do nothing other than hold my ring finger hostage until death did I part, for a reasonable $1,249 (that was sarcasm). That's when I knew something needed to be done and I was the man to do it.
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Juan Reyes
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Band & Vow was very responsive throughout the entire process. I had to exchange because I didn't get my size right the first time (printable ring sizers are not accurate). They sent me a legit ring sizer and the second time around we got it right. Super happy with my purchase. The ring has good weight to it and looks amazing =D

Aug 20, 2020