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Mahi Rehan LLC

Mahi Rehan LLC


I create customized, handcrafted freestanding flower wall backdrops ranging from 8 ft tall by 6 ft wide to as large as 12 ft tall by 32+ ft wide. My flowers are meticulously color tested to flawlessly match and/or compliment the colors in your chosen event theme, and then hand applied in an effort to perfectly address all of your requirements.My work is distinguished for its high level of detail and the uniqueness of each flower. I like to incorporate various mediums and materials into my paper art to create stunning visual effects when viewed from different angles. I also use a variety of tools to achieve greater dimension and depth. In short, I'm constantly exploring new ways to bring my work to life!Special event spaces should not only look lovely, but reflect the inner qualities of those hosting the occasion -- whether they be the personal values of private celebrants, or the core values of an organization or business.Flower backdrops are available for both purchase and rental. Please contact me for details.
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Leyla Milani Khoshbin
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I can’t stay enough about Mahi Rehan and her incredible, 3D flower walls. I have worked with her on over a dozen different events in the last few years and each time, she manages to outdo herself. Her walls are truly a work of art. She spends hours crafting each one to her clients’ unique taste and requirements. As an individual, she is utterly a professional and listen to exactly what her client wants and executes on time with the most pleasant demeanor. I recommend her to anyone looking to elevate their special event whether it’s a baby shower, bridal shower, birthday anniversary, a corporate function or your wedding.

Sep 26, 2019