Petaloso is a word that was made up by an eight year old boy in the town of Copper in central Italy when he used the word “petaloso” in a writing assignment to describe a flower as “full of petals”. It is a combination of “petals” (“petal”) and the suffix “oso” (“full of”). When we learned of this, we fell in love with the way it rolled off of our tongues and found it the perfect way to describe our company, so fun and full of petals!

At Petaloso we offer a twist on traditional floral design with a knack for creating outside the box. We are a fun, creative full-service floral design company, approaching each event as a one-of-a-kind work of art. We like to consider ourselves artists with flowers as our medium. With over a decade of experience in the floral industry, our team is constantly dreaming up new ways to create exceptional floral displays to bring our clients’ visions to life and beyond.

Our work involves creating beautiful floral environments for all types of events including weddings, anniversaries, fundraisers, corporate events, you name it! We also style photo shoots and film sets, offer home floral staging services, and conceptualize and execute large floral installations that will “WOW” your audience.