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Fireside Floral Studio

It is the mission of Fireside Florist to produce the highest quality & unique floral designs for our clients. We are extremely passionate about our work & truly love what we do. This is not a job to us, it is a lifestyle. We want all of our clients to be as excited as we are about our product.
Our professional and highly educated team of consultants & designers work with you to create with confidence designs you will never forget. We strive to educate & inform our clients by offering free wedding consultations, up close and personal chats with designers at the studio & classes every month.We make sure to work directly with our clients to educate & impress.
Our floral designs find inspiration in many different different forms of Nature, Art, Architecture, Fashion and Travel. Sometimes it is inspired by a muse of a design, new variety of a flower or color combination and experiment. With the new look we interpret the dream and desire of a client.
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