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Emunah Events



Emunah ('e-moo-na) is a hebrew word which the main meaning is 'faithfulness' but the root of the word also relates to 'artisan'. We are those rare people that can honestly say that we love what we do and strive to be artisans at our craft. We love the word emunah as we are passionate people with a strong belief in life. The thought that we are setting the stage for some of the most poignant moments in people's lives, ready for them to create incredible memories that will last their lifetime is what keeps us motivated. 'Stylist' tends to have a superficial connotation but the emotion, the feeling and the atmosphere that a space can create can't just be captured in a photo.

We believe emunah is a perfect word as is represents the depth of what we do and how we feel about our work. 

Designing a wedding can be incredibly daunting for most people as there is so many different elements that need to come together in impeccable harmony to ensure the perfect emotion is captured.

Our core business is beautiful romantic & timeless blooms, Featuring the highest quality roses, loose foliage and delicate seasonal florals. We love transforming a space into a romantic garden or a modern floral vibe. We love combining these 2 unique styles to create a truly personal design for each of our couples. 

Using a professional Stylist means that you are able to utilize all of the experience, industry contacts and skill of someone that plans and styles weddings on a regular basis. You can relax easy knowing that your special day is being looked after by a professional. 

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