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About 37 years ago in 1984, Nora along with her husband Rick started a business together, Glassical Designs, Inc. - creator of crystal and corporate awards. Their business grew exponentially in 2019 and ended up being their best year yet. Along came 2020, and with the gathering restrictions, recognition events came to a halt, thus leaving no need for Glassical Designs’ services. So many small businesses had to close their doors, but Nora and Rick refused to throw it all away, so they found a way to become essential by producing face shields for healthcare workers.

During Covid, they both recognized the creative freedom they had apart from the busyness of Glassical Designs, so Nora dreamt up Toaste! This dream has turned into quite a successful reality and is only growing more and more each day, because of YOU!

Moral of the story – Nora and Rick always give 1,000% and are the reason that 31 employees can provide for their families. We are so incredibly thankful for all of you and are thankful you are following along with us as we continue to grow!


Toaste Shop

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