Enjoy Better Box Wine in Every Pour! The only wine aerator specifically-designed for Boxed Wine. A perfect, kitschy gift for your bridesmaids and groomsmen, and on your registry.

Box Wine is the most ecologically-conscious, economically-viable, and moderation-inducing means to drink wine. While certain wines that age well should be corked, bottled, and saved, the supermajority of wines are meant to be drunk within a year, making boxing better packaging.
And whereas aeration benefits most wine that has been pent up, no matter its packaging, Box Wine has been excluded from its mellowing effects until NOW. When pouring a glass of Box Wine, you need one hand to press the spigot and another to hold the glass, leaving no third hand to hold an aerator in between. The BOX-Ae-RATOR solves this problem by hanging an aerator directly from the nozzle.
The BOX-Ae-RATOR will enhance the flavor and bouquet of your Boxed Wines, just as aerators have done for years for bottled wine. Aeration works, and works especially well for wine in packaging designed to protect it from oxygen. 
Many aerators exist, but none are so versatile as the BOX-Ae-RATOR. The aerator can be removed from its carriage and be used to aerate bottled and canned wines as well.  Better Box Wine in Every Pour!