The Shag Bag

The Shag Bag


The Shag Bag makes the perfect gift for a bachelorette weekend, bridal party favors, hotel room gifts, or anytime you want to make a statement! Each 6"x8" canvas bag is filled with all the necessities to get any gal through the day or night. Each bag is filled with:Dry Shampoo, Tampons, Face toilette, Deodorant wipe, Pain reliever, Hair tie, Toothbrush, Breath freshener, and condoms. Whatever your event...The Shag Bag will ensure you and your friends are #AlwaysPrepared #TheShagBag
3 Reviews for Kayli
Coco Chandler

The bags were very functional and very stylish. I loved the design and the way they made me feel comfortable and cute, always a good thing to keep with me-it is so useful. such a great product

Oct 24, 2019
Olga Harrison

I absolutely LOVED this party favor!!! It was so cute and creative. All of my bridesmaids loved how convenient it was and creative. Personally I’ve never seen anything like it, which I loved so I definitely reccomend it!!

Oct 23, 2019

Such an amazing idea! Everyone loved them and the creative patterns . Owner is so nice and very helpful .

Oct 22, 2019