Adoratherapy is an American manufacturer of aroma perfume. Our hand-crafted, experiential fragrance collections are formulated with organic essential oils and when linked to a strong intention for the best breath of your day shift mood and emotion. 

These are wonderful, thoughtful, healing gifts for brides, wedding party's and special events. Create a SCENT -SATION at your event.

We offer wedding planners and brides 20% off our retail prices for minimum orders over $200.

Our mood boost perfumes come in mini 3ml and 10ml sprays. These perfect party favors and come in seven scents: Seductive, Beautiful, Smart, Balanced, Inspired, Awake and Peaceful.

Our Chakra Boosts come in mini 3ml and 10ml roller balls and two packaging options: unisex and illustrated. These seven perfume oils include: Vitality, Creativity, Motivation, Joy, Communication, Clarity and Tranquility. 

Our Room Boost Sprays come in 10ml travel and 100Ml room Sizes. These sprays include: Passion, Serene, Blissful, Clear Away and Abundance.