Weddings by Carmona

Weddings by Carmona


Yona Carmona is a Professional Makeup Artist and Certified Wedding Planner serving the Greater Atlanta area, Georgia, Miami and New York City. With 10 years in the Cosmetics industry, 7 years in specialized Bridal Makeup and 7 years in business, she has all of the tools, organizational structure and access to foolproof planning formulas to help your visions come together seamlessly. The motto: Your day, your way.
She can’t wait to meet you and hear your love story!
*Se habla Español
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Miriam Borden
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My wedding was an outdoor wedding on what was probably the hottest, stickiest, most humid summer day of August 2016. It poured steadily from mid-morning, when the wonderful Yona began the bridesmaids' makeup, until about 4:00 pm that day, and the rest of the afternoon was an unbearably sweaty mess. Many things that day were quickly rearranged because of the weather. But y'know what didn't move AN INCH? OUR MAKEUP! My own makeup (I was the bride) didn't slide, didn't run, didn't cake, my lashes stayed put, and from photos to running out to the tent (in the rain!) to dancing in 80-degree, 100% humidity weather until late into the night, I still looked as bridal and made-up as I had earlier in the morning that day. I don't know how she did it! MAGIC?

I should note that at a friend's wedding the following summer (also in August, also humid), I had the opposite experience: I was the first bridesmaid to have my makeup done, at 9:00 am, and by the time the bride was getting her final touches, my foundation had caked around my eyes and nose. NOT CUTE. This really underlined the quality of Yona's makeup the previous summer.

Yona's professionalism, efficiency, and calm throughout the day was such a gift: her knowledge of beauty products and how they react with various skin types, or with various weather challenges (!) is unparalleled. Our makeup was beautiful, fresh, elegant. She adapted the styles based both on our personal preferences and her amazing eye for detail and subtlety. I cannot say enough good things about the longevity of the wear, Yona's time management, her organization and skill, and her overall management of the day's timelines. The timeline she provided was another absolute gift: her attention to every little detail - and all the contingency plans for details that might be derailed - was a much-needed guidebook to the whole day.

10/10 would recommend Weddings by Carmona to every bride I know! 5 stars, 100% rating, A+!

May 23, 2020