The Joy Standard

The Joy Standard



We are two sisters who grew up in a busy household with five kids, two hard working parents; and lots of pets. Our upbringing taught us many skills that we use as professional planners today…how to collaborate, share, work hard, roll up our sleeves, and step up to help others. 

Through all of life’s experiences, one thing has always been our priority - family and friends. We cherish them. We've found that the majority of our joy not only comes from within, but also from the people we surround ourselves with. This is why we created The Joy Standard. Weddings and events are the perfect place to bring happiness into people’s lives and to share that JOY with the ones they love. 

With Caitlin's design background and Jen's business and management background we work seamlessly to create the most beautiful, perfected styled and joyful weddings and events for our Clients. 

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