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Over 20 years in the business,

 My name is Todd Kenaston with Wenatchee DJ / Kenaston Music Productions..  Wenatchee DJ and his team have been entertaining wedding couples and their guests for more than 15+ years, averaging 50-60 weddings a year. We are more than just a DJ entertainment service, it’s all about the bride and groom having their dream wedding...

As you can see, planning for a wedding is pretty overwhelming.  Therefore, if you haven’t booked the entertainment for your wedding, we would like to give you some information to help you plan for the big event.  

            Be sure to book the entertainment and/or sound system for your event early.  We are already booking and filling up dates for 2020 and 2021... Due to the Corona Virus the reschedules are being done right now...  So please don’t hesitate...  Therefore, it is important that you book your entertainment or sound system now to avoid being left out. 

            Let me explain how Wenatchee DJ / Kenaston Music Productions can help your wedding day be a success.  Wenatchee DJ is more than just DJ entertainment.  We also can provide sound reinforcement for your wedding ceremony.  This will allow everyone attending your ceremony to hear the devotion between you and your loved one.  We will supply wireless microphones for the ceremony...  Also, we can supply microphones for musicians or vocalists performing at your wedding.  In addition, we can attend your rehearsal to entirely integrate any music or performances into the ceremony.

            Don’t forget about the reception.  Wenatchee DJ is your total entertainment solution.  We can provide DJ entertainment covering all music styles, live music, and wireless microphones for traditional announcements.  The following page contains a variety of packages that fit your event and your budget. What's new with Wenatchee DJ/ Kenaston Music Productions...  Full room uplighting see pictures, Plus we are pleased to introduce, HD Video Packages!!!  Ask about Video Packages...

We also do Custom Fairly Tail Weddings please call for details and prices... 

            Please Feel free to call 509-670-7772 or email me - trk421@msn.com with any questions pertaining to your wedding.  Wenatchee DJ / Kenaston Music Productions would like to help make your wedding a memorable occasion. We will work around your needs, I look forward to hearing from you soon, Cheers!!!