Wedding Pro DJ

Wedding Pro DJ



You take oodles of time to select a venue; tables; plates; chairs; food; bevvies. Makes sense! Now, take the time to select the DJ who will remind your guests 'why they only dance at weddings!' I have to attend weddings too & there's nothing worse than a DJ who has to 'ask' folks to dance: that shows lack of talent & experience. I have over 1000 mobile wedding gigs experience, but even more important, I'm 'club trained': I know how to keep a floor lit. And the Audio Gear & Lights I bring support my talent. Get in touch, book me & put this most important part of planning to bed & let's work together to plan your day!

  • Oh, last of all: NO DEPOSIT REQUIRED TO BOOK ME!
  • I issue an eAgreement, we all eSign & you keep your money until the day of the wedding.
  • I cover all of VT & areas of NH, MA & Eastern NY State

Can't make it any easier: NO ONE WILL MAKE IT ANY BETTER.