The DJ & The Drummer Collective

The DJ & The Drummer Collective


   My name is Medrick Greely, owner & operator of DJ & The Drummer Collective. We've established our unique concept, to provide our audience with a well rounded, amazingly entertaining experience and sound!

  No, we are not a high priced cover band nor are we just a high end DJ with just a "pre-playlist".
We are, however THE BEST of both of those worlds!!

  Simply put, we are the entertainment group that comprises custom DJ mixes/blends of all eras accompanied with the live instrumentation of drums... feeding off each others energy! It makes your favorite songs sound better and makes you dance to the ones you normally wouldn't!

   An event planner can expect the following...
*Professional artist that will be on location EARLY.
*High energy
*A wide selection of music in all genres 
*Crowd satisfaction

  We look forward to being a part of your special day & providing you with a memorable experience! 

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Won't use again! I spent hrs choosing music to be played at my 60th celebration. Sent it to them over a month in advance, as requested "so they could prepare", and they didn't play from it. I even went over the two most important songs just before the party was to start and neither one was played ask night! Songs were planned for certain things during the evening and none of it happened. After i complained, they said they were professionals and was enhancing an already good itinerary. They should have played what was requested of the one paying them-me!. Ruined what could have been a much better night for all my guests (100). I waisted a lot of time choosing, timing,and planning with the music and they totally ruined the night for me by ignoring the song list given to them. No refund of any kind was offered.

Oct 23, 2017