DJL Music Services

DJL Music Services


DJL Music Services is Kansas based company owned and operated by Luis E. Sainz also known as DJ LUIS. The company was created to provide DJ services that caters to Multicultural events, weddings and quincieaneras. We provide a customized show that includes music from Latin America as well as North American.

The company stays up-to-date with the latest music while maintaining the legacy of musical classics.

Pushing the borders
What sets us apart from other services is our ability to mix and blend several different styles of music under one roof. Our mixes are live, reading the audience and adapting to their needs while maintaining great flow and transition between songs. The company stays updated on the most current hits and continuously keeps tracking oldies and music that others may have forgotten about.  We also allow you to choose the music for your event. We provide top choices music lists and planning forms to help you in this process.

Choose a DJ based on your needs:

We provide DJ's knowledgeable on specific genres of music.
As if this wasn't enough, we are also the only company in town that provides Live Musicians and DJs for your event under one single roof.
We not only match you with a DJ that best suits your needs, but we also provide a choice of live entertainment which goes well during the dinner part of the reception:

Choose from:
Live Piano, 3 Piece Jazz, 4 Piece Jazz and 5 Piece Jazz Set

This makes us one of the most versatile and diverse DJ/Live Music companies in town.

Any specific music you’re interested in? Feel free to contact us prior to the event so we can work with you to meet your style.

Flyer Design and Printing
We provide flyer design and printing at competitive prices.
Check out some samples under our photos.

The company has a 7500 watt system, equiped with three way speakers, two way speakers, subs, and a 20 ch sound board that can comfortably handle venues of all sizes. Our system can be used at both indoor and outdoor venues.

We state of the art lighting effects that will blow your mind.

Email us to match you with the package that best suits your needs.