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DJ breez is a premium, professional, Experienced wedding DJ. He has consistently been one of the top DJs in the Charlotte area for over 20 years. With over 200+ weddings worth of experience, He knows what it takes to create WEDDING DAY MAGIC.

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Eric Skid Siglin

I worked with Breez at a wedding in DC and witnessed how incredible he is on the turntables! The dance floor was packed all night! People bouncing and dancing. He was crazy good!

Jun 18, 2019
Star Lanter

Jason has always had a way when it comes to entertaining a large group of people, you could say it's just comes naturally to him. And just that he's never disappointed me when it comes to knowing
the right mix the audience not only needed, but wanted. I've been dancing to Jason's flavor of music for over two decades ago. He was the DJ at my wedding and BLEW OUR MIND, we we're so incredibly honored and happy to have had his expertise in this department. And lastly, the most recent thing he's orchestrated so peacefully and with pride and honor was when he Djed my husband's wake. Which is exactly how my husband would have wanted it.... I couldn't have be so incredibly honored, and grateful for the friendship that was truly solid between the two of them. To me it was the calm after the storm, it was refreshing and it made my soul happy. I couldn't have asked anyone better to have delivered Jacobs wake the way it was from anyone better. I highly recommend Jason to ANYONE FOR ANYTHING. You best believe he's gonna to give it 195%, 100% of the time!

Jun 03, 2019

Our event was a church outdoor picnic. DJ Breeze was extremely professional. Took our verbal cues well and added to the atmosphere. He's incredible.

May 26, 2019

Dj breez did a wedding for my daughter. He made it a night to remember and seemed to have a knack for playing the rite song at the rite time. Everyone had a blast and he had a great positive personality. Price was also great for all the experience and vibes he brought to her special day. Highly reccomend

May 25, 2019

Leading up to the wedding the wifey and I had alot on our plate. After meeting with Breez the one thing we know we would not have to stress about was the sound, lighting and whether people were going to party.

From the first minute he got there, Breez took control and we didn't have to worry about his part in the wedding or the reception. Breez was very professional. He worked side by side with the coordinator and helped set the tune for the night.

As for the dance party, all my friends and family didn't leave the dance floor from start to finish. The music was high energy but also romantic at the right times. Such a great night.

Thanks you Jason for being so awesome and a stress reliever for Susan and I.

May 23, 2019
Erich R. (Manager @SERJ)

This gentleman is a pleasure to work with. He is a true professional and caters to all you needs. Thank you DJ Breez you truly have made the memories a lasting one!

May 23, 2019