Dash Speaks

Dash Speaks



Hi!  My name is Dash and I'm a DJ and music curator based in NYC.   I like to think that I provide an alternative to your traditional wedding DJs.. 

I've been DJing for 15 years and have held residencies at some of New York's best bars, clubs and hotels including Soho House, DUMBO House, Freehold, The Public Hotel, and Bardot (MIA).  I've played at Festivals such as Full Moon, Panorama, and Governor's Ball, and DJed events from the Dominican Republic to Bali.  For years, I was the music director for Blind Barber and Paradise Hospitality, and I'm a partner at Brooklyn club and music venue Friends and Lovers.  These days, I day light as a music curator designing the music for brands such as Altamarea Restaurant Group, The Aman, and The Ritz Carlton among others. 

I apply my DJ skills, broad knowledge of music, and expertise in using music to create and accentuate ambiance to DJing Weddings.  In the time leading up to your wedding, I'll work with you to create a customized sonic identity for your wedding - from carefully selected pre-ceremony songs, to a beautiful mood-setting cocktail soundtrack, to an awesome one-of-a-kind dance party.  

Some Notes: 

  • I do provide DJ and sound gear for weddings local to the New York Area.  I don't do lights.
  • I'm very comfortable on the mic and happy to MC, but I prefer to take a more subtle, refined approach to mic work.  If you're looking for someone to announce your bridal party like a sports team, we're probably not a fit.
  • I love working with nice couples and am always so grateful to be a part of weddings.  If you're interested in hiring me, please reach out, and we'll schedule a call!