The North Carolina Catering Company

The North Carolina Catering Company


 Our specialty is creating catering menus that are completely customized to your needs. We select only the freshest and finest ingredients purchased from local farms within the Raleigh, North Carolina area. We offer affordable wedding catering packages that start at $12.95 per person for a 3-course meal. 

No matter the occasion, we will plan and deliver an event to remember. We offer complete party planning, decor, food, and beverages. Planning a wedding, anniversary, birthday, reunion, graduation, Bar or Bat Mitzvah party? We've got you covered. Elegant or Casual, our seasoned event designers will help you plan your perfect event.

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Stay FAR away from the NC catering company. Unprofessional, disappointing, and poor overall output. Since our wedding, they have become nonexistent removing all of their social media, ignoring emails and calls, and taking no accountability for a DISGRACEFUL setup that we paid thousands of dollars for.

We had our wedding on June 10th. I will say we were lucky that we even had someone show up, as on previous (now deleted reviews) they were a no show. Leading up to the wedding, they were very sketchy and hard to contact - only connecting with us after we sent multiple emails and a barrage of calls to try and contact anyone. We never spoke with the same person - it went from Amanda, to Danielle, to Tiffany, to Julia?

We paid for fajitas for 125 guests and only had 100 guests show up. Tell me how they RAN OUT OF FOOD? Even though we should've had extra food by the end of the night, they were shorting our guests on protein and brought out pork from somewhere when we had paid for beef and chicken fajitas. On top of that, the beef was incredibly overcooked and inedible.

We paid for sweetheart chairs and tables from them and they were nowhere to be seen. We also paid for water to be set out however, had to ASK someone to go get it after they had forgotten it.

We paid $500 for a GOURMET COFFEE BAR and they showed up with an urn that barely served 25 people and powdered creamer when there was supposed to be "specialty flavorings" and "a coffee shop experience." Please see images below as our expectations were high and we were excited for this only to be disappointed.

The bartenders were unprofessional and rude. Telling our guests that we had run out of chardonnay when there was a full case of bottles in the fridge. Along with that, our catering coordinator, Brittany, had suggested we pay for 3 coolers of ice - 2 coolers to keep drinks in and one with potable ice for sanitary reasons. The bartenders IGNORED this and put all alcohol in all three coolers and used THE DISGUSTING ICE to serve our guests. The cherry on top is that the bartenders were disrespectful, telling us that we didn't get enough ice when we had gone along with Danielle's suggestion.

Since the wedding, they have ignored all calls, emails, and social media messages besides one single instagram message saying "Hello! Yes I have forwarded your message to our client coordinators and they will be contacting you." But never contacted us. Please go anywhere else but here. We were so hopeful but this was the only vendor at our wedding who let us down. You'd be better off ordering pizzas or catering from Chipotle than working with the NC Catering Company.

Aug 21, 2023