Carmelita Catering Co

Carmelita Catering Co



Carmelita Catering Co is a North West, Arkansas-based wedding catering business. Specializing in Traditional Mexican fare and locally inspired cuisine, this company takes pride in their vibrant catering selection.


Services Offered

This company takes care of any necessary delivery and setup measures. Couples can take advantage of Carmelita Catering Co’s mobile ice cream and beer-tap carts on top of available dining options. Available from the spring of 2020, a mobile bar-truck catering service can add the perfect to catered wedding events. From the fall of the same year, Carmelita’s food truck, Tito, offers an element of excitement to special wedding celebrations.


Carmelita Catering Co provides a selection of menu items that feature their signature Mexican culinary creations influenced by a distinctly stateside southern zest. Their dishes are available in platter-passed, buffet-served, and food-station formats. Check out the full menu