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London, England born and daughter of British Jamaican parents, the founder of Smashing Sweets Bakery, Tahna Dodd-Ruise, innovatively brings a mixture of the famous sweeties from the hub of England, the fresh island flavours of Jamaica, and the powerful punch of North American desserts to the table in a way that cannot be resisted. With taste, texture, scent, and visual appeal in mind, she makes sure that all of the desserts are tantalizing delectables. At Smashing Sweets Bakery, our goal is to work side by side with our clients to create the cake of your dreams to match your event. With the finest ingredients and our creative flair, we strive to maximize your cake experience through creating one of a kind desserts you need for your event. We want you to think of Smashing Sweets Bakery for all of your events after you have ordered from us for the first time.

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First I have to say this was a sweet 16 not a wedding.
Delivery was more on time than I was.
The cake was more than beautiful, I have her a Pinterest shot of a cake then basically changed everything about it but still wanted it to look like the picture of you can understand how annoying that is. She took her notes and delivered a masterpiece. My daughter and her friends could not get over how beautiful it was and to slice it,?¿, blasphemy. The day after the party I did eventually slice into the cake because my daughter just wouldn't. After slicing the second cut to get the first piece out my nose caught a wif of the home made genius of this cake. People you have to UNDERSTAND ME when I tell you. When it comes to home made vs box cake we can tell and smell the difference, all whom have had a Granny Baker know what I'm talking about. So when the knife went into the cake the second time releasing the slice I stopped.....I gasped.....because what I saw and smelled almost brought me to tears. The crust of the cake to the visible moisture seen in the cake, I knew straight away this cake was homemade and not only that but that it was also the best tasting cake ever and I hadn't took one bite yet. I have the first slice to my husband who concurred that the cake was delicious, I the sliced everyone else's cake including my own. My son age 20 was shock when his fork went into the cake because he just knew in his heart of hearts the cake was covered in fondant because of the sunset colors I chose for the cake and how immaculately It was iced. He quickly said "this is good icing", "I really thought it was fondant". Then he made his way to the cake. "Mmm this is good cake, it really doesn't need icing, it tastes a little familiar". Which brings me back to why I almost cryed when I sliced the first slice of cake. My Granny baker. My Grandmother was locally famous for her cakes and they were always in high demand. She would only bake free cakes for her favorites for their birthdays and because I was one of her favorites I would get one very well packaged cake in the mail for my Birthday. If I could have hidden the whole cake from my family I would, don't judge the cake was delicious. Sadly my grandmother passed away 7years ago, so that first slice brought back a flood of memories. The cake was beautifully decorated but it tastes just as good as it looks. I couldn't wait to write a review for the cake and that first slice made me more anxious. The cake is beautiful but wait til you get that first slice.

Mar 08, 2019