It Started With A Cupcake

It Started With A Cupcake


  Great tasting and imaginative desserts is the driving force behind It Started with a Cupcake. We find the fusion of flavors inspiring; We love being able to showcase all the things amazing about different cultures and dessert. To us inclusion and diversity is a main goal. 
All ingredients are of the highest quality and locally sourced. Our pastries, desserts and cakes are known for their delicious flavor, texture and modern edge. Because we believe sweets should taste as good as they look! Just as America is a fusion of cultures and flavor so is our take on our menu selection. We take pride in being one of New Jersey’s leading cake and dessert studios and we can’t wait to be a part of your next celebration!
3 Reviews for It Started With A Cupcake
Lindsey Cole
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It Started With a Cupcake did an amazing job on my wedding cake! It was extremely creative and well executed. The level of detail was impressive and, unlike most wedding cakes, it tasted phenomenal. Mirla and her team were wonderful to work with and really captured the unique elements that reflected our theme and story. I would hands down recommend them for your special event and would definitely work with them again in the future.

Jul 15, 2022
Kayla Maldonado
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I have to admit that I am crying as a write this review. On August 8,2020, I stood in front of a small crowd to take my vows with the love of my life. While the crowd was not the size I imagined, it was the year 2020 and nothing was going right. But before we talk about this magical day, let’s rewind back to my initial call with It Stated with a Cupcake. In January of 2020, I contacted Mirla and screamed “ I am getting married”! Filled with emotion, not knowing why I would tell this to a perfect stranger at the time was beyond me. To my suprise she responded with the same emotion, as if she had known me my entire life. It was at that point, that I knew I had made the right decision.
This was not the only thing that stood out to me, during the intake process, she did not just ask me what flavor cake I liked. She asked me questions you would not imagine. Our favorite color, favorite type of music, hobby, past time. When I asked why, she responded because when making suggestions, I want to make sure what brought you too together shines in this cake. To have someone care so much, about this special day that we dream of was something I still can’t phantom till this day. Fast forward to July of 2020, I found out many of our guest were not going to show as Covid had heighten in several states in which our guest where comming from. Filled with devistation, I connected with Mirla to confirm one final detail. During that call she could tell that I no longer was as cheerful as our other calls. She asked if I was okay, and I began to tell her the news. Mirla took the time to speak to me, assure me that everything had a way of working out and gave me a sence of security that I needed in such a turbulent time. Fast forward to my wedding day! Mirla contacted me first thing in the morning, confirmed a time and was filled with such joy and confidence that everything was going to great that day. Mirla, you will never know what this meant to me. Cake time!!! The guest raved about the beautiful design, the rich flavor and the message that came from this cake. I don’t know how but this cake truly represented my husband and I. Whoever is reading this, I know where you are. I was there two years ago, choosing Mirla is not only the right decision it is the decision you didn’t know you need. During this crazy period in this life you want someone in your corner, someone who will keep you updated and of course amazing cake!

Jul 14, 2022
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Can't say enough great things about It Started With A Cupcake. Mirla was a joy to work with; she had so many wonderful and creative ideas. She listened to what my ideas and needs were and delivered on them all. Stellar service all around!

Jul 13, 2022