Henkaa's founder Joanna Duong Chang wore her first Henkaa convertible dress as a guest to managing director Sonia's wedding in 2009. Another person at the table had an outfit in the same shade and in a similar one-shoulder style, so Jo transformed her dress and returned to the table with a whole new look — problem solved!

Since then, it's been our mission to help women celebrate life’s special moments with timeless, versatile and size-flexible clothing that looks and feels great. With 10+ ways to style each piece, you'll have endless opportunities to wear Henkaa for your many life stages and changes. Everyone's journey is unique - and we would love to be a part of yours - starting with your wedding!
We believe that you and your wedding party should have fun at the wedding and that a key part of this is looking AND feeling good in what you're wearing for the day. Henkaa's convertible dresses make that a reality — wedding parties with women of different shapes and sizes can:
-style the dresses in the way they feel most comfortable and look beautiful in 
-rest assured that they won't need to spend extra time or money altering the bodice of the dress like traditional bridesmaids dresses
-re-wear the dress for other events
With our dresses, you'll celebrate in style and be able to dance the night away!
All of Henkaa's dresses handmade in Canada.